Proxies for Ebay

The best thing when it comes about proxies and Ebay is that you can have more accounts on Ebay, using, of course, proxies. Basically you can have as many accounts as you have proxies.

But for reliable accounts, you need a reliable source of private proxies. If you’re not using proxies for the first time, you know that its role is to hide your IP address, so you can absolutely safety navigate on the internet, with no worries that the sites can reveal your true identity.

So Ebay and other sites don’t know who you are and if you act like a regular buyer, you can easily access data that you need or you can have multiple accounts.

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Why you need private proxies for Scrapebox

First of all, what is the difference between public and private proxies.

Public proxies

To a simple search on the internet, you can find a lot of websites that offer lists of so call “free” public proxies. Actually, the proxies are free, you don’t have to buy them, but they also come with a price: these proxies are public, practically every one can use them, so the speed is slow and because of numerous number of users harvesting with the same proxies, they die very fast and are unreliable. However it will work again when less people use it. But maybe, the biggest disadvantage of the public proxies is the lack of security.

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