Get proxies from France, Germany, UK, USA, Canada

If you are looking for anonymous proxies for instagram, offers dedicated and shared proxies from Europe and USA.

If you are more than a regular user who use Instagram, you know that one account is not enough. So you might need multiple accounts for adding followers, post, comment or analytics. Since it’s impossible to make multiple accounts from the same IP  because Instagram might ban your for abuse, the best solution is to purchase buy some good reliable proxies.

When you get a set of proxies, every proxy comes with its own IP address, so you will act as a regular user. Let’s take an example: if you buy a package of 10 dedicated proxies from, you’ll have 10 different accounts from 10 different locations. You won’t be ban because it will look as if you are log in from a different location with each account, and each account will be completely anonymous.

You can buy as many proxy you want so you can manage as many Instagram accounts you need.