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The safe alternative of public proxies is the private ones. With a private proxy, you can navigate safely and anonymity on the web but even so, before using the proxy you have to make sure that no one else is using it. To do this, you need to find a proxy provider that gives you an authentication system for the proxies.

 One of these proxies providers that offer anonymous and secure proxies is The proxies they offer come with two authentication methods:

  • Username and Password Authentication
  • IP Authentication

Both methods increase your security and make sure that you are the only one using that proxy, but even so, one of these two authentication methods is suitable for you than the other.

Username and Password Authentication

This method is very common on the internet, on different account types, such as social media accounts, email or bank accounts, so probably you are familiar with this type of securing.

Talking about, after your purchase the proper package of proxies, you’ll get an email where you can find your proxies in this format:



Your proxies will be different every time, but the username and password remain the same (of course you can ask to change it, but this is not necessary). Your job is to copy these proxies in this format and paste them into the Proxy Settings area on URL Profiler, and authentication will be taken care of already. As I write above, will send you every 30 days a new set of proxy so you have to replace them in the Proxy Settings, too.

Advantages of Using Username and Password Authentication

The first advantage that crosses my mind is that the format is very familiar to every internet user. Everyone use the username and password concept on his email or social media account. So if you are a beginner and you are not so familiar with proxy, this authentication method won’t be a pain in the ass.

Another advantage is that you have all the control over your proxy access. You can put any username and password you want and also, you can change them anytime.

Using username and password makes accessible your proxies from anywhere.

IP Authentication

This method is not so common as authentication with username and password, but this is not a reason not to use it if you want so. Also, this method is very secure to use, even it is not so common.

If you set up IP authentication, you will only need the IP and Port in your proxy settings. There’s no need of username and password.  IP authentication uses the IP address assigned to you by your internet service provider (ISP) to authorize your access to proxies.

Once you have a proxy and want to use IP Authentication method, you must whitelist you IP address- this means that you can access the proxy only from this address only. If you are using a VPS, you have to whitelist the IP address of the VPS, not your local machine.

On a package of 10 proxies, allows you to whitelist 2 IP addresses.

Advantages of Using IP Authentication

The biggest advantage of using IP Authentication is that, once you whitelist your computer IP, you don’t need any information. Your proxy is automatically authenticated when you are using your whitelisted IP.

IP Authentication method is difficult to use if you have a dynamic IP or if you travel a lot and access the internet from different places because the IP address varies from a location to another.

Using one method or other depends on your needs, both have advantages and disadvantages, it’s not about security