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The best thing when it comes about proxies and Ebay is that you can have more accounts on Ebay, using, of course, proxies. Basically you can have as many accounts as you have proxies.

But for reliable accounts, you need a reliable source of private proxies. If you’re not using proxies for the first time, you know that its role is to hide your IP address, so you can absolutely safety navigate on the internet, with no worries that the sites can reveal your true identity.

So Ebay and other sites don’t know who you are and if you act like a regular buyer, you can easily access data that you need or you can have multiple accounts.

Why to use (private and dedicated) proxies on Ebay

As a warning for users who hardly use proxies, they need to know that Ebay is one of the most restrictive sites when it comes about abusing. Practically, Ebay will ban any IP which it suspects it would be a non-human activity and of course, the account will be suspended. An example of suspicious activity is when a single Ebay account is access multiple times in a short period, from different IPs from different parts of the world. What kind of human will be able to do that is a such short time?

You can create multiple accounts using multiple and various proxies, with different classes and from different locations. Of course, one proxy per account. This is an advice if you don’t want to get your ip blocked by Ebay. Also, if you want to keep your accounts longer and not to be ban, don’t use public proxies- the free ones.

A good move it would be to use dedicated proxies for creating Ebay accounts, instead of shared proxies. In this way you’ll be more sure that your account won’t be ban because of another user of the same proxy. Another advantage on using proxies on Ebay is that you can see the newly listed Buy-It-Now items before others.

Another reason to use proxies for Ebay is privacy. If you don’t want to reveal your real identity on the internet, you can choose a dedicated and high speed proxy and it would do all the job instead of you.

To a simple search on google you can find dozens of sites that offer private proxies. But if you want guaranteed quality, reliable proxies and a top 5 * communication between you and support team, you can try the proxies from The proxies come in different packages, from 5 dedicated proxies to as many as you need. Also the geo-location is very wide, including countries from Europe and the major states of USA.